A Rough Week

It’s been a pretty rough week since we got back from Disneyland.

Wednesday on her drive home, Debbi’s car hit a ladder which was lying on the freeway. Actually it sounds like it practically hit her: She says it was a couple of lanes over in the road, and another car hit it, which sent it spinning across the road towards her. It looks like it did a pretty good number on her bumper, but thankfully it seems like the bumper protected the rest of the car from being damaged.

Wednesday evening I came down with a cold which laid me low on Thursday: I woke up and called in sick to work, and then went back to sleep for several hours. I was better on Friday and went in to work largely because I wanted to say goodbye to our departing intern. But today I’ve still been pretty sick. We started putting up our Christmas lights, but I ran out of gas pretty quickly, and slept for several hours this afternoon. This meant that we ended up skipping Debbi’s company party, which like last year was held at the Giants ballpark. I’d been looking forward to going, but being sick and the weather being cold (with a chance of rain) we decided it wasn’t a good idea. Bummer.

So we’re having a quiet night at home, and probably more of the same tomorrow. The middle of the holiday season isn’t a great time to get stalled out for several days – I’m well behind on my Christmas shopping – so hopefully I can knock this thing out of my system tomorrow.

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