Not-a-Holiday Holidays

Considering this is a week full of holidays – Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Ash Wednesday – it hasn’t been terribly festive for me!

First of all, I ended up going into work on Saturday. Blah. On the other hand, when I’d told her I’d be going in the day before, Debbi went out and got me a half-pound of marzipan from See’s Candy and gave it to me a day early. She told me that she’d had to brave the crowds after work on the Friday before Valentine’s Day. So I went to my bag and pulled out some See’s Candy I’d bought for her. It’s turns out that See’s is a lot less crowded at 12:45 in the afternoon the Friday before Valentine’s day.

We had a quiet Valentine’s Day, as it turned out. We exchanged cards, ran some errands, and in the evening I cooked dinner. I made a pasta dish with chicken, asparagus and pistachios in a cream sauce. The chicken was a new addition that Debbi suggested. I think it turned out the best of any time I’ve made this dish, and I’m not sure why. The sauce was not as thick as usual, which I think was a big factor. We nommed it down pretty quick, and Debbi had leftovers for dinner on Monday.

To add insult to the injury of my one-day weekend, Debbi got President’s Day off (which I don’t), so she had a three-day weekend. Sigh. (Well, good for her, though!)

Work has been hectic as all get-out lately (as you might guess since I went into work on Saturday). This week my main project got interrupted by a series of more important projects. Sigh. But I’m plowing through them as fast as I can.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for an order of the newest Magic set, Worldwake, to arrive. Ironically, I ordered them (via eBay) from a store up in Sacramento, figuring that they’d get here pretty quickly. But the store’s owners had a family emergency on release weekend, and they haven’t shipped them yet – a week and a half later. I’m sympathetic that they got backed up on shipping orders, but this is starting to get a little ridiculous. And frustrating. Hopefully they can get it out this week; I’m pinging them every few days for status updates.

Oh, and the weather has been absolutely beautiful this week, foggy in the morning (which sadly may have led to a small airplane crash in the area this morning), then sunny with highs near 70 by early afternoon. Of course, the rain’s supposed to return by Friday… but that’s okay, since I like rain, too.

So that’s the news from here: Some ups, some downs. And probably more of the same for the foreseeable future.

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